The Spark: Read Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant

publishedover 2 years ago
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πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Written by me

This week I explored all the reasons why you should not hire a digital marketing expert. If you or someone you know have been thinking about reaching out to a digital marketing consultant, have them read this post first.

πŸ’» From the algorithm

Ben Evans wrote (yet again) a thought-provoking piece. This time he analyses how tech has become just a tool used by several economic sectors to enter a specific segment. Once we look past the tech aspect, we can recognize the "same old" industry-specific problems. We are only seeing them under a different light.

πŸ“š Reads I've Enjoyed

On the theme of tech being a tool, Steven Johnson, in his book Where Good Ideas Come From, addresses how we can now develop ideas and concepts by having tech programs make connections between notes we have previously taken.

πŸ”§ A Tool I am using

​Photopea is a free online photoshop replacement that looks very promising. If you need a good photo editor but have a low budget, this might be the solution for you.

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